Photos From The Road. Literally.

Flooded road in Everglades National Park. Just out of frame is a large gathering of birds.  They had all come to hear Emmitt recite the poems of Edgar Allan Poe. He had a marvelous voice and a small bottle of Jack tucked under his wing.
Canadian Route 22, just north of Glacier National Park.
Badlands National Park. Wild sunflowers lined the road.
I was raised on Disney movies, so I fully understand that animals talk. Little did I know, they also have an active social life which many times includes rather vulgar language.
This is Don. Don is not the brightest bison in Yellowstone. In 2017 he was voted ‘most likely to walk out of the park without knowing it’ by his fellow bison. In 2018, Don was found in Jackson Hole panhandling to get enough money for a bus ticket.
Beartooth Highway, just west of Cody, Wyoming. I drove into Cody on the fourth of July to see the fireworks.  A gas station attendant told me they were cancelled, so I went grocery shopping. I was in the produce aisle when they began.
Yellowstone tour bus number 433 near Lamar Valley. Bus number 434 was behind me and they took turns braking and accelerating in order to sandwich me. It was terrifying.
Near east entrance to Yellowstone National Park. I had to leave on the 19th, otherwise I was scheduled to ride Killer Connie The Wonder Bull. Count your blessings Connie.
Leaving Ho Rain Forest in Olympic National Park. The entire time I hiked Ho I was looking for dinosaurs. Spielberg, I blame you.
Kings Canyon National Park. There are some places where it is better to remain in one’s vehicle while taking a shot of the road. Remind me to heed that advice moving forward.
Redwood National Park. While visiting with park rangers they asked if I would like to hike a ‘locked trail’. Hiking among old growth redwoods was as close to a spiritual experience as anything I have ever done.
Capital Reef National Park. One of the least visited parks, but easily one of my favorite to photograph. Each turn brought new textures and competing colors.
Shenandoah National Park. As I was heading for the southern exit, fog enveloped everything. Magnificent vistas turned gauzy white. Squirrels tried stealing my hubcaps, thinking they couldn’t be seen.
IMG_9023 (2).JPG
Canadian Route 17 above Lake Superior’s Isle Royal National Park. If you’ve ever wondered what the United States looked and felt like in the 1950’s – make your way up here. I’m convinced they still think Eisenhower is President.
Joshua Tree National Park. Entering from the south, you will travel several miles in the park before seeing an actual Joshua Tree. Then suddenly you turn a corner and it’s like stepping into a Dr. Seuss book.
South of Great Basin National Park on Route 93. Storms followed me the entire trip between Vegas and Great Basin. At one point a policeman pulled over and asked me what I was photographing. I said, the sky. He said, why?

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