Our National Parks Need Your Help

Our National Parks are cathedrals. They show us what we were and remind us who we are. Our nation’s grandest idea. America at her unselfish best.

Nature can’t be experienced on a tablet. You can see it, but you can’t experience it. It’s tactile, it must be felt. Walked and waded through. Rested in. Our connection with nature humanizes us, grounds us. She whispers to us and tells us what is real, what matters. It is each generation’s responsibility to protect our National Parks and National Monument Lands. As Baby Boomers age, this responsibility falls to generations that follow. It’s up to us to protect these gifts that help define who we are as a people and a nation.

This matters now more than ever. As technology becomes seamlessly integrated into our lives, future generations will need a connection to nature. Please help me in raising the dialogue. One that will address the complex issues of technology versus reality, funding and declining numbers of young people visiting our parks. Help facilitate a dialogue that can begin to develop creative solutions. We all have a voice in the matter. I’m asking for yours.¬†Please engage the conversation via this blog or on social media @TheBeardedMan59.

Above us all is but one moon – Smitty